Saturday, July 10, 2010

♥ Roja vs Oranje ♀

Which team Will Lift the World Cup 2010??
Roja(Red) or Oranje

Who are you rooting for???


Who To Believe to predict the World Cup??

PAUL the oracle octopus who pick Spain or
MANI the parrot tips Netherlands or
SIMBA the lion king, NEMO the clown fish, MICKEY the mouse,
PATRICK the star fish, BUGS the bunny or

KIKI kucingnya Rynna?? Hahahaha...

This is ridiculous, stupid.. gila ka mau percaya?? haishhh syirik, khurafat..

Mari kita lihat Paulina si Sotong tolong Rynna pilih team mana tuk WC10..hurmmmm

Kan dah pernah belog pasal pick team Rynna for World Cup 10 .. liat nehh coba baca..


Really hope to see Spain win their first World Cup.. nak tengok kemenangan mereka macam EURO Cup 08 dulu.. pllsss make it come true and don't make me down.. even David Beckham want to see Spain win this game...

Ramai sgt ckp Spain not deserve to win, they played boring game.. menang pun goal 1 je..and bla bla bla.. haishhh sabar je lar dgn those HATERS nich.. its not about how many goals u scored in previous matches, its about how u dominate the game that u are in at the moment, to be able to take control and giving the winning goal... Well it will be a tough game against NED, tidak dinafikan HOLLAND main mmg baguss.. see how they beat BRA.. i love to watch the game, it was really a nice game.. Pray for the luck to beat NED.. for ESPANA jugadors, show your bullfighthing spirit different, play harder, play better and play to win..

With the best players in team.. Spain is the best team to watch.. most of the player dari Barcelona & Real Madrid, the most successful Spanish Club.. this is why this year i support for TEAM not player.. hubby lar pengaruh suh support Spain.. =P .. neway you pick for the right team bie.. ♥

Can the golden boots this year goes to David Villa??
harap-harap Villa score lebih dari Klose =P

“el Guaje”

will Spain blows everyones mind this year??

VIVA ESPANA!!! La Furia Roja!!
Red, Merah

I ♥ ORANGE too..

Selalunya dlm World Cup Rynna akan jadi seperti lalang kerana pilih lebih dari satu team, fav team pasti GERMANY, ARGENTINA & ENGLAND.. So kalo salah satu team kalah xde lar kuciwa sgt, sbb ada back up =P .. tapi this year in WC10 Rynna setia pada satu pick team hanya SPAIN.. baru la rasa semangat world cup tuhhdan selama ni Rynna bukan pilih team tapi pilih player, sbb tuh la support team player tuh.. Oliver Kahn, Michael Ballack, Rio Ferdinand, David Beckham, Gabriel Batistuta..

♥ AYW ♀


  1. game yg sgt mendebarkan..
    tak tau lah tgk ke tak nnti.. 2.30am uolsss.. tak tau lah larat ke tak.. dgn nak kejer lagi.. aiyooooo...
    eh.. cantik bear sotong tuh..
    maner beli??

  2. amboi cantik gmabar? haha praying for Villa to take home the Golden Boot dias a dias, vamos el Guaje~!

  3. Villa's foto credit to Lily MaraVilla

  4. hahaha..sah lalang tebal punyerr..hehe..seingat hari tuh argentina favourite team..sekarang SPAINlah pulok..hampehhh..sebenornya saya pun sama gak..ahaks..ahaks..mula brazil pastu argentina sekarang SPAIN... VIVA SPAIN...wakaka

  5. bila bear ryna nak jmpa bear dD nie...hiksss