Monday, May 31, 2010

♥ i want to BREAK FREE ♀

I want to BREAK FREE


Financial Bondage
Self Sabotage Behavior
The Lust of This World

yess Rynna, you can BREAK FREE from almost anything.. by seeking help and guidance from ALLAH S.W.T.. Insyaallah.. Jangan putus asa berdoa..

Sabtu kemarin ke DiGi Break Free Party,Nuffnang campaign .. Theme "Prisoners & Villains".. How to look villain? What should I wear for the party.. ahhh pening kepala memikirkan, kesudahan last min ke Sg. Wang... yes I love shopping at Sg.Wang & Times Square.. baju murah.. biar murah asal bergaya..RYNNA DUTA BB!!! setelah tawaf keliling Sg. Wang finally we managed to get our striped prisoner shirt.. I bought it for RM 20 only, doi RM 25.. huh baju laki lagi mahal dari perempuan..

Party start at 6pm.. jam 4.30 baru siap-siap, kelam kabut..
Baju - Mix & Match (baju baru + koleksi sedia ada legging + 3/4 jacket) <-- sopannn
Hair Style - I did my Faux-Hawk hair, burung belatuk yg x menjadi
Makeup - how to looks like villain?? huhu x reti makeup.. simple aja
Handbag - Tas Kesayanganku, Yellow <-- DiGi

"Escape from Alcatraz"

Kecil-kecil dulu suka nonton film "Escape from Alcatraz" lakonan Client Eastwood..
It is a great movie, based on the incredible true story of the one man who escaped America's most notorious prison..

- We want FREEDOM!! -

- Nuffies became prisoner -

Foto kenangan di DG Break Free Party.. harusss fotoan gitu.. neway All female nuffies looks like a bad girl in Black.. yg penting ttp STYLE & HOT gitu.. hahaha PRASAN!!

- we went to DiGi Break Free Party after escaped from Alcatraz ;) -

- Michelle, Yuen Yee -

- Host for DiGi Break Free Party, Julie -
i love her in Blogger Boy & hot host for quickie 8tv

- me and karen mayer -

- jestina aka Mama Goon & Lady Jaja -

- me & jacqkie -

- boss Tim, cute princess Audrey -

Layan lagu QUEEN dulu ahhh ♪♫ I want to Break Free ♫♀

Famous Freedom Quotes

FREEDOM is something that dies unless it's used
The Secret of Happiness is FREEDOM, The Secret of freedom is COURAGE
A friend is someone who lets you have total FREEDOM to be yourself
Struggle is a never ending process. FREEDOM is never really won you earn it and win it in every generation

pray for the safety of malaysian convoy to Gaza who were on board turkish boat mavi marmara
the ship was attacked by Israel..
Rejim Zionis Israel Kejam!!
♥ AYW ♀

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