Wednesday, June 2, 2010

♥ u such a LIAR.. I'll KILL you!! ♀

Woot Woot..
This is what i Love working with Nuffnang..
it's movie time!!
Nuffnang Premier Screening tonite..

ngedate lagi ama Doi ke One Utama jam 9mlm

Synopsis :
A vacationing woman meets her ideal man, leading to a swift marriage. Back at home, however, their idyllic life is upset when they discover their neighbors could be assassins who have been contracted to kill the couple.

For the Nuffnanger to win this invitation, they have to leave a comment on our Nuffnang Blog Post about "what is the secret you're afraid your other half is hiding from you"..

hurmm Is he hiding something from me?? but I thought we want an honest love in this relationship, and there be no deep dark secret between us.. hamaigaddd I can't even imagine if he do that.. tapi kadang slalu jugak berpikiran negatif.. kih kih...

what is the secret you’re afraid your other half is hiding from you

i'm afraid if one day he gonna says this to me

"say Hi to the camera.. you're in a "Rynna" show.. reality TV show.. and your daily life is broadcast 24 hours / day since you were born.. and I am not Hadaffi, I just play a role as your hubby.. My name is Mr. XXX.. I am an actor.. this is my job and I've been paid for this"

too much of Truman Show.. waktu kecil dulu suka banget ama Jim Carey, watching Truman Show over and over.. selalu pikir my life has been broadcast and everything around me is set up mcm dlm Truman Show.. lepas nonton Truman Show selalu berhati-hati, cos worry of any hiding camera..kah kah kah... mengong tul Rynna ni..


"i'm one of the assassin"
"i'm gay"
"i'm going to die soon"
"i dah kahwin lain lagi"
"i'm ..........

ahhh enough..cukup..cukup...I' dont wanna hear anymore..

Buat Affi.. awass.. kamu jangan pernah mo berahsia or berlindung apa-apa dari aku..
Let's be honest with ourselves and with each other, and our love will never know mistrust or doubt..


pesan Affi,
"Sayang jangan fikir bukan-bukan if you do really love me"
yess bie, I trust you.. xoxo

what is the secret you’re afraid your other half is hiding from you???

♥ AYW ♀

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