Wednesday, June 9, 2010

♥ Don't Mess With Me, I'm a BLACK belt ♀

Few years back in 1984 we seen Ralph Mocchio & Pat Morita in the "Karate Kid" .. Today we have the photo of Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan from the upcoming "Karate Kid" remake.. I watched the Karate Kid complete collection.. Karate Kid, Karate Kid Part II, Karate Kid Part III, and the Next Karate Kid.. so this time I MUST WATCH the Karate Kid 2010..

Last Monday received email from Robb, our Blogger Relation Exec..

Hi all,
We have movie screening this Wednesday for Karate Kid,

Time : 9pm
Venue : GSC 1 U
Date : 9 June (Wed)

Please let me know who wants to come so I can make allocation for your tickets.
Confirm by 3pm please...

A young boy, recently moved to Beijing with his mother, Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) is forced to make a new home in an unfamiliar land. Immediately singled out and bullied by his peers at school, the young boy’s only defense comes in an unusual form—an older man (Jackie Chan) who is willing to teach him martial arts.

♪♫ One Night In Bejing ♫♪ <-- i like Shin's famous song


Confirm by 3 laju je text "doi" confirm dgn dia..

Replied to Robb's mail

Rina : Saya pun, 2 keping tiket wayang.. boleh??
Robb : Boleh, jangan last minute cancel yea??

huhuhuhu Robb teased me.. jahattt.. he know d.. I always released my tix off last minute..many time..Smua gara-gara Affi lar.. bila dia ada meeting terpaksa cancel tix last min.. Last week "KILLER" pun cancel sebab last min ada org call dia ajak meeting huh geramm.. haihhh this time if you cancel the movie lagi last min.. Im gonna kill you Bie.. =P

Teringat zaman dulu sewa video & cd nonton film Karate Kid..

Hey.. I also know how to fight ok..When I was a Kid, I learn martial art.. waktu Rynna umur 5 tahun Mama register Rynna join Taekwondo for my self-defense.. Don't play play wokeyy.. Don't mess with Rynna.. I will punch & kick you... Brani mari lar.. see d leg lar... (betisku besar ok).. but If people ask me..

What Belt are you at now?

hahahahhaha..kecoh je baru belt putih..

I quit my class on the 2nd day of my training.. Gara-gara ga' ngerti buat lompat katak waktu stretching exercise.. Nangis-nangis sebab lompat x bergerak, asik stay kat situ je, orang lain sume dah maju ke depan lompat.. Rynna masih di situ.. maluuu..Apalagi langsung pergi ke mama "Maaa adik ga mo belajar.. mo berhenti huhu" .. huh Rynna cengeng... Ciann mama rugi je register & bayar uniform smua tuh.. dulu sibuk sangat nak join sbb tengok kakakku tisa training.. bila dah register benti plak.. Kakakku Tisa darjah 6 udah rank Merah..

If only I dint quit my Taekwondo class.. Yakin deh Rynna pasti udah ada BLACK belt..Mesti punyerrr...haha Perasan!!

update :

Review - After Watching The Karate Kid 2010

It was a Great & Cool movie for all ages.. a family-friend action movie..
If u have watch the original Karate Kid in 1984 then you should watch the remake.. Don't Miss it
You want to learn Kungfu?? Kungfu has in everywhere..
"Pick up ur jacket, Jacket On, Take it Off, Hang It On, Drop it, Pick it Up, Jacket On, Jacket Off, Hang It On, Attitude!! *smile*" hahahhaa
I enjoyed watching the Karate Kid 2010.. Waachaa!!
Thumbs up to Jaden Smith.. son of actor Will Smith who appeared with his father in The Pursuit of Happiness..

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  1. haha.. i love karate kid! but thx 2 u cz bgtau masuk hall 3. klau x.. kempunan mau nengok karate kid..