Tuesday, June 29, 2010

♥ 2 Different Tears ♀

One Chu Tri Four Faiv Six Savin Aite..
♪♫ Nobody Nobody But Chu ♪♫ point, clap, point, clap..
Arghhhh this song keep playing in my mind & the dance step also..
I'm sick of it..
and my body is aching.. huhu :(
How could I stop singing this song???

Apa?? yg bener???
only 3 weeks left??? shitt..
I'm getting nervous now.. ahh pressure on!!
Seperti mo nangis aja.. duhhh ga tau deh gimana jadinya nanti..
How do I look like??? What if?? Will they???
wahhh kaya' DIVA aja mo bikin konsert besar2an.. =P
Doa aja mudahan sgalanya lancar...

why lar Japanese & Korean gurl damn cute.. with their cute faces..
Some of them like freaking pretty hot lar..
I'm so envy with them..
♥ street fashion style.. so trendy..awesome!!

Lately, i've been listening to Wondergirls song..
whole month of July lol..

♪♫ Gave me 2 different tears after all these years
Tears of joy,tears of pain,like sunshine and rain
So I hate you, so I love you ♪♫

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  1. singgah pagi...jom jalan2 ke LK tengok bibik menguli..;-)